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Thread: Inconsistent Velocity Issue

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    Inconsistent Velocity Issue

    Hello everyone. Last weekend i tried to chrono my automag rt. I was shooting really high and then tuned it down to around 250. within a few shots i range from 190 to about 260 with out adjusting the marker. Mostly it shot +/- 25 fps. I tried using the gold spring instead of the red one, i had the same issue. I tried using a standard tank instead of a 950 psi tank with the same result. I made sure that the marker had oil in it. I am not sure what else to test. I am using a level 10


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    My guess would be inconsistent paint size. Were you using crappy paint?

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    it was good paint. new from the shop, graffiti

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    My guess would be dirt and/or bad o-rings in the regulator part of the valve.

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    Dirt is the biggest cause of problems in a mag or any regulator. A piece of dirt on the regulator piston assembly can cause wild velocity swings. Clean the valve assembly and all orings.
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    What is the lube that i need to use in the reg? I took it apart and it has grease in it.

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