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Thread: Loctite 545 Thread Sealant - not setting up.

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    Loctite 545 Thread Sealant - not setting up.

    So I applied the 545 on Friday, and was gone all weekend, so I wouldn't be tempted to try and gas it up early again this time. I had the same issues, where it did not cure and made little purple bubbles.

    I am using a CP on/off ASA and CCM macro fittings. I Also had it leaking out the CCM fitting in the X-Valve. Any tips, tricks, advise would be great, since I've left it sit well over 24 hours - from Friday afternoon to Monday morning.

    Lemme know guys. Thanks in advance.

    edit: I had tried it once before and left it for 12 hours, or so as mentioned. But then diligently cleaned every speck of purple out of all the threads, and used rubbing alcohol to clean the last of the parts.
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