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    Deadly winds barrels. Most likely the 14" unless a different length is better. I am looking at the Fibur with freak inserts. Do you have any experience if so why did/do you like it or not.

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    not much to not like...the carbon has a softer tone than aluminum, you have freak inserts to get the control bore you need, they are light-weight compared to aluminum barrels. the only con really is the cost; they do cost more than a comparable freak barrel.

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    Personally I like shorter barrels, but that's about my input. Great barrels. Just spendy.
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    If you aren't concerned about efficiency, pick a barrel length that fits your style of play. Most tournament players prefer a 14" barrel because the length helps the player tuck the gun into the side of the inflatable bunker without actually having to move the barrel tip much. Players that play wooden bunders or buildings prefer much shorter barrels so that they can stay tighter against the walls with the gun, especially when moving around corners. Its all a personal preference.

    Carbon fiber barrels are nice because they are really light. The downside is that they can be cracked or crushed if you play a rough style of play.
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