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Thread: what are these Grips?

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    what are these Grips?

    they have what looks like a "board" in them.
    may be for looks but I have no idea.

    what is the history on these?
    they don't look to be chopped up they look to have come this way.

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    Looks to be sticky grips with a game timer in them.

    I remember grips like that with a timer in them for sale...not something cobbled together.
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    Game face timer grips.

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    Extreme Rage Timer grips.

    Cant say the sold well back when they were new. I remember seeing alot of them on super clearances.

    Heres some more info

    And a idea of the clearance prices I remember seeing.

    See that round filing receptacle on the floor next to your desk?

    In all reality other then the funky timmer they were nice super cheap grips.
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    I keep forgetting to not feed my mags after midnight so they seem to multiply regularly.

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    I'll give you $3.5 if you keep them.....
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    ill have to clean them up and keep them then.
    they are sticky on the inside.

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    I pulled that backing off of one. The battery is pretty difficult to get to without tearing the "board". I was just curious if I could make it work again. It looked possible, maybe with some wd40 to dissolve the glue. I was thinking about using one to put some sort of insert into, after gutting it. You (KNM) could probably print a better back for that purpose.

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    Ya what they all said. I always confuse game face and extreme rage.

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