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Thread: Pneumag asa options

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    Pneumag asa options

    I have one sleeper pneumag modded ASA (a CP direct)

    I need another.

    The CP works. It's a bit longer aft of the mounting point than I'd like, but it works.

    I've also seen bob long direct mounts used. They're munch nicer looking and have a better looking geometry but it looks like I'd need to wait for 6 months to get one.

    Has anyone used anything else?

    I'll probably just go with another CP, but... Maybe I have options I haven't thought of?

    Any and all suggestions, ideas/horror stories appreciated

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    The Bob Longs can be potentially tricky and yes they are hard to come by, especially if you want black or red. I had someone mod mine and it got messed up. Using a CP direct mount is a lot saver.

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    Ah well

    Thanks for the info. Not what I wanted to hear but probably what I needed to hear

    On a more desperate note, has anyone successfully modded a dovetail (presumably with a spacer plate)?

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