So Ive been working on autocockers for the last 6 month. Time to come out with something that the AO Crew can use.

AGD Spec where it counts.
86 degree (CCM based shape)
Mounting for fabco MSV-2 & clippard MPA-3
Tapped for Sleeper LPR mount Capable. The frame will be tapped 1/8NPT on the bottom but. You will have to modify the MSV-2 & its mounting plate. It will not come modified.
Trigger included, Forward & back stop setscrews. (AGD trigger compatable)
Frame accepts 2X emag trigger magnets above the forward trigger stop.
Can be used on twistlock guns or non twistlock.
Sear release hole for use on pnuemags.
Intelli switch mounts.
AGD Saftey compatable. (Safetey NOT Included)

I will be putting up a pre-order thread in the dealer forum within the next couple days.