I have four markers for sale here. All of them work.
1) Automag AIR powerfeed left. Good Condition, Valve in great condition for its age. Just installed new on/off and oring kit. includes stock twist-lock barrel. I would like to get 75 Shipped for this. OBO

2) Automag Classic w/1 Star valve. Valve was just torn apart and rebuilt with new on/off as well. bought from EBay for 65 and put 25 into it. This has a 32 degrees single trigger frame with some minor chipping. I would like 65 Shipped for this. OBO

3) Diable Wrath. With original box. Not much description needed. It is in great condition with working eyes. Timmy Knockoff. Works pretty well for a cheap marker. Just installed new high pressure hose and will include spare lines with purchase. Great backup, I used it a few times when the emag was down (lol). I want 30 shipped for this one.

I need to sell these quick to get my car back on the road. So feel free to offer up. Help a brother out. Thanks.

Paypal please.
4) Autococker WGP Trilogy ... As we all know, there is nothing to special about these. It works and comes with a stock barrel. This is a great gun to have around for an extra player, it functions fine. I picked it up in a trade and All i want for this is 20 shipped.