Here is what I have for sale. Since I am away on business internet pics will have to do the job. But, rest assured everything here is in perfect condition. Hell, I've never even gotten to shoot the AXE. It was a tourney prize still in the box and I bought it from the guy who won it!

BRAND NEW in box dust black AXE with barrel, tools, etc.
Name:  axe.jpg
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BRAND NEW never used eVolution 2 Hopper
Name:  black_evo_2.jpg
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BRAND NEW JT Facemask upgraded with some very cool spikes (which can be removed and aren't shown here)
Name:  mask.jpg
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BRAND NEW Dye Fingerless Gloves
Name:  dye_2010_meta_paintball_glove_black_top.jpg
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USED JT Elbow Pads
Name:  elbow pads.jpg
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I really would like to sell it all as one lump sum because I am not home currently and my wife will be the one shipping it all out. So, as such, I'd prefer she not have to box up five different things and make a trip to UPS. But, if she HAS to then it is what it is. Asking $550+shipping for the whole lot. I may consider parting out if the offers are right.