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Thread: Grelvire's For Sale/Trade Thread: New Items Added Updated 10/14/13

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    Grelvire's For Sale/Trade Thread: New Items Added Updated 10/14/13

    Grelvire’s expecting another child, recently had to have a transmission rebuilt, and I need my custom projects anodized sale……

    1. All prices: OBO, include PayPal fees, and USPS Shipping with delivery confirmation in ConUS (insurance optional at buyer’s expense unless otherwise stated in sales thread).
    2. Post and then PM.
    3. I reserve the right to sell my item(s) to whomever I choose.
    4. I normally will not ship first on trades (make offers, no electronic markers, if I’m looking for anything specific it is listed at the bottom of the sales thread).
    5. I am willing to ship out of country with the following stipulations: extra shipping is required at buyer’s expense; buyer assumes all risks (i.e. confiscated by customs, lost in transit, etc.)
    6. I don’t give ratings to items as I find this to be subjective, if there is a flaw I have noticed it is the description. Feel free to ask questions.

    AO Feedback, MCB Feeback, and E-Bay Feedback

    The Goods:
    <a href=""><img src="" width="600" height="450"></img></a>

    - Smart Parts All American barrel - 12" Black anodized, Twist-lock - $15.00 OBO

    - Deadlywind Fibur barrel with tip protector- 14", AC threaded, slight scratch in the ano on the threaded end visible in photo - TRADED to Pif (MCB)

    - Barrels of America (BoA) Express Barrel – 12” Chrome plated, AC threaded, .689 bore - TRADED to Pif (MCB)

    - Barrels of America (BoA) Constrictor Barrel with Pillage brass shell casing loudner – 10” Nickel plated, AC threaded - TRADED to Pif (MCB)

    <a href=""><img src="" width="600" height="450"></img></a>

    - AM/MM rail with Vertical ASA - SOLD to OPBN (AO)

    - AM/MM rail - SOLD to OPBN (AO)

    - MiniMag Body - SOLD to OPBN (AO)

    - AGD rubber grips - SOLD to Justus (AO)

    <a href=""><img src="" width="600" height="450"></img></a>

    - (2x) 50 round Pocket Hoppers – $5.00 each

    - 13/3000 Ninja HPA tank - SOLD to WALZ (MCB)

    - Remote-line with ball valve - $20 OBO

    USPS Shipping/Tracking:
    grub (AO) - 9114901159815525912796
    barkingspider (AO) - 9114901159815525912819
    audioSLAVE (AO) - 9114901159815525912789
    crandall (MCB)- 9114901159815525912802
    need4reebs (AO) - 9114901159815525914219
    daemon512 (AO) - 9114901159815525912536
    kwik175 (AO) - 13103060000045461037
    dboggs79 (AO) - 13103060000045461013
    WALZ (MCB) - 9114901159815525931629
    Justus (AO) - 9114901159815525931599
    OPBN (AO) - 9114901159815525931636
    Pif (MCB) - LC317207325US
    Last edited by Grelvire; 10-18-2013 at 08:43 AM. Reason: Updates to listings

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    I'll take WWA Freak Stump.

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    Pm sent

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    13/3000 Ninja HPA tank
    ASA 12 gram drop changer
    MiniMag Body w/ Clamping Feedneck

    Do you still have these items? I'll pm you.

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    payment sent for tha ASA 12 gram dropout changer. thank you sir!!!

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