I almost hijacked a poor soul's thread, but I figured I'd post the rest here...

It's been a while since my last post. Work's been interesting. I'm 1 of the last 3 (there were 11 when I started) in my department. Can hardly find time to cut the grass (or should I say, hay field). But the 6.5HP self-propelled Toro is going strong, despite a wheel falling off last week. Some idiot assembled it wrong after replacing the throttle cable. Is now a bad time to say I do my own maintenance?

Number two is 12 weeks along. Almost thought we were having twins. The doctor was convinced, but an ultrasound proved only 1. Also, completely healthy thus far. Whew, on both accounts!

What am I listening to right now? Shinedown. iTunes Session. Highly recommended. It's in a key that us normal people can achieve. Wait...just switched to OAR, King album. Another good one.

Yes, OPBN, I've tipped a few back. It's Friday!

Working on the house (finally) again tomorrow. I've had unpainted cedar trim up for about two months now. Neighbor is trying to sell his house, and I bet he's a little upset that my house looks so unkempt.

Good to be back on the forum, even if it's just for tonight. Any unsolved tech issues I can look at? No promises on finding resolution, but that's the stuff that keeps me coming back...