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Thread: RT Pro valve question.

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    RT Pro valve question.

    OK... I'm a complete RT Pro newb, hell... I'm a Mag newb.

    That said, I've got a mini that I converted from a stock valve to an RT Pro valve... so my ignorance is thick.

    Mty only RT experiences is 15 years ago on the receiving end of RT. As far as reactive triggers, most recently my sons A5 with RT.

    The question is: What should I expect with HPA and a RT valve? Should I be able to sweet spot it and get a steady ROF? Edumacate me.



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    Would help to know some more info on your setup. One thing to keep in mind with RT style valves is more pressure = more RT.

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    It's a stock(ish) Minimag. AGD double trigger, RT Pro valve (came with stock trigger and classic valve). Running a HPA tank with a Ninja regulator (850psi according to them).


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    Also the more "broken in" they are the lower the pressure needed for RT

    this on is running a 830 psi output tank (liquid filled gauge check) and RT's nicely once you find "the spot"

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    I have a o-ring kit on the way. Is there a way to clean all the passages out inside the body of the valve? I was thinking about shooting some isopropyl alcohol through the body to clean it out. I guess my logic is a new set of o-ring might not help if there's any crap inside.


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    Take the valve apart and clean it with a good lint-free cloth and some light oil.
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