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    Dust Black Ver F/S/T


    Purchased this not long ago with thoughts of putting it to use, however, I have no need for it now. Rips as it should! I bought two small earth magnets from radio shack to make a stronger return on the trigger. Comes with blade trigger modified with trigger stops done by Luke.

    When I purchased it I had every intention of getting that blade trigger out of there and getting a dust trigger but after shooting it I really did like the feel of the blade so I left it. I've also added one nylon trigger stop on the bottom of the blade trigger and left the regular stop it came with at the top.

    Any questions just ask or text 512-970-4099. Asking 380.00 shipped in the states you pay paypal fees. I will also ship out of the states but you pay more for shipping contact me for more info.

    THE ONLY TRADE I would consider is a Gloss Black DeadlyWind AM/MM Chord Body, RPG Subzero feed neck, and 2 detents or Gloss Black Pariah and cash on your end. Post then PM.


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