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Thread: AO Army Jersey Design Thread (Updated)

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    AO Army Jersey Design Thread (Updated)

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    Ok updating this thread.

    this is what animal is going to get regarding the artwork:

    -Magpie logo on front

    -It will say "magpie" below the magpie logo and "We are everywhere" above it

    -"chuff chuff" will be on your right collar

    -ToTs AGD logo with hex on top of each sleeve with "" coming down from that and "AO Army" above it will also be on your left breast

    -The animal customs logo will be on the top of the back (you have the option of saying you dont want it) and "AO Army" above it by the neck

    -The jersey will have the old skool splash pattern on it incorporated with the hex design. will be alot like the pictures at the top right of the screen, with the players in it


    -The back area is reserved for your name OR what ever artwork you want animal to put on there to represent you i.e. If flatliner333 wants a dancing banana and a heartbeat.

    ok decision time guys, are you more into the old skool eclipse type splash pattern OR the splash pattern used at the top of the screen OR use both

    for those who need an eclipse splash reminder:

    Please refer to post 17 for up to date info

    Ok, plans are almost complete. I have all the ducks in a row except 2.

    1: I have a ROUGH idea of what it will look like and I would like your input in it before I send the template to them. I'm commissioning their artist to do the work so nothing on it has to be perfect.

    2: the preorder, although I want to get your input on design before I do anything crazy like that.

    This whole experience has taught me... never to do this again.

    Ok, through alot of emails and around 2-3 hours of conversations with various people I have come up with this so far. it is in NO WAY a set in stone thing but there are several things that are a definate and I will list them.

    1. We're dipping in the old skool bucket. Mondo from Animal is in love with 90s splash mags and the jersey WILL have splash on it. (there are represented by the crappy squiggles on the draft)

    2. Hex... Hex... HEX

    3. Logos... magpie, AGD, and Animal customs logo. These are set in stone but can tweak locations

    ok. I do like the "chuff chuff" and "we are everywhere" what do you guys think?

    placement on things? please help

    the hex pattern and location of... everything is just a place holder. dont look at my art and say "I hate that" as its my art and all it is is a "there will be a general piece of art here.

    OK THIS IS THE BIG THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you guys are gonna love this. I was inspired by the multiple color magpies on our team thread.

    I spoke to animal to see if this was even possible...

    he he he.

    I am a big fan of the joker colors, purple black and lime green BUT you guys will be able to choose YOUR OWN COLORS at no extra cost.

    so you see the crap draft below... I'm sure not all of you are purple and lime green fans. so you say you want a red and gold for example? so all the purple will instead be red and all the green will be gold instead.

    so all of us will have the same jersey but in different colors.

    I find that to be incredibly FREAKIN awesome.

    This is just the first design and I suck at art

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AO proof of concept.jpg 
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Size:	38.5 KB 
ID:	88409
    click for bigger
    I just noticed how little purple I have on it, there will be more

    throw me your tweaks and suggestions. for this im just gonna stick with the purple and lime green... use your imagination for the other colors
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