BTAutomag, you've done an awesome job organizing this. I'm sure it's been a tedious endeavor but you've gotten it all the way here and you deserve some props.

I want to throw out some of my thoughts, and I hope you (or anyone else) don't mind. I know I'm not a super active member here on AO, but I love my 'Mags and I am excited to have a jersey representing that.

Really, my primary concern at the moment is that the jersey doesn't say "AO" enough.. The Magpie logo is awesome and super badass, but I don't necessarily think that it should be the centerpiece of the jersey. It would be cool for an AO Army jersey to put "AO Army" in your face!

Similarly, I think that instead of trashing the red star (because it really is a cool idea), maybe it could be incorporated in a different way.

I really am more of a visual person, so rather than sit here and try and type everything out, I made a sort-of mock up of my personal vision of an AO Army jersey. I hope that you aren't offended or that I'm not stepping on any toes or anything like that, I just wanted to put some ideas out there (..and I kinda wanted to play with PS).

Anyways, here's what I came up with:

In any case, thanks again for all the hard work you've put in, BTAutomag. I can't wait to have an AO Army jersey!