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    Mags from France

    Hi guys,

    Last time I posted pics of my mags, they were all together on the wall .... and the familly wasn't complete.

    Here are pics of all the familly members (mags and others). I'll try to show them in arrival order !

    1/ Phenom. My first marker I just sold it a month ago

    2/ TPX

    3/ TM7


    5/ CLASSIC MAG. My first mag, and the begining of a long story !

    Bought on ebay, I only changed the frame and grips.


    Bought for me here on AO by my friend SEVEN7.
    It needed a set of Orings
    I just added a Doc's machine adapter.

    7/ RT PRO ULE

    My first ULE and Xvalve bought here on AO.
    I had absolutely nothing to do on it, I only changed the trigger for an acid customs.

    All the other markers and parts have been bought here on AO, excepted 2 markers and 2 or 3 parts bought on MCB !!!!!!


    This mag is the assembly of the mag I bought on MCB (a classic with ULE body) and a body and frame bought here (recycled the ULE on another mag !) !

    9/ SYDARM

    The 2nd bought on MCB.
    I only changed the grips.

    10/ EMAG

    Had the original Hi-rise body. I replaced the body by this powerfeed I recieved with the #8, and added the sight rail who was missing.

    11/ MINIMAG

    I had absolutely nothing to do on this one, but changed the frame for this chrome benchamrk !!!

    12/ RPG MAG

    My first built !
    Shadow rail, Chimera frame, Subzero feedneck and RPG fg

    13/ BLUE MAG

    VD Helium rail and snatchgrip, Triton frame and Luke's fg

    14/ ALU MAG

    I bought it like it's now !!!

    15/ EURO XMAG

    I just changed the grips, it was tuned by Tuna just before I buy it.

    And now, with it's Luke's switch

    16/ ETEK MAG

    Etek frame and VD Noxious rail. I changed absolutely nothing but the grips.


    When I built it, it had a M90 sleeper frame and VD Toxic body and rails and looked like this

    A few weeks ago I bought an Airwalk frame from my friend Need4reebs, (and sold the M90). I looked for an Airwalk for 1.5 year (I had one lost by postal services !), and now it looks like this

    18/ T8.1

    19/ STOCK MAG

    Custom rail, carbon moded ULE body, Logic UMF frame, T2W stock and Emag valve with ULT.

    20/ EGO MAG

    Ego frame and Rennie custom rail

    21/ MM 2K9

    22/ PUMP MAG

    I changed the frame and added the Palmer Springfeed.

    23/ LOGIC RPG

    RPG Shadow rail, Logic UMF frame

    First it looked like that

    after It was like that

    Now it looks like that


    RPG Recon rail, XMT ULE Minimag body, RPG UL Iframe.
    One of the lightest mags I have, only 1050 g !

    25/ DALLARA

    The body and rail took me almost 1 year to find them !
    Dallara body and rail (ul'ed), Luke's mini vert frame, DW fg
    I think; it's even lighter than the ULE MINIMAG !

    Now, you know all the familly !!!!
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    Nice man! Great collection and some nice parts!

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    Thanks man

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    Nice group of guns there!
    Do you have any plans on anodizing the dallara or mini ?

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    No, absolutely no plans on anodizing the dallara or mini.

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    This is quite the impressive collection! Thanks for sharing!

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