Hey all,

I started playing paintball back in the old days.... like 1991!!!! I stopped playing and sold my gear in the late 1990's just because it was so expensive. Fast forward a decade or so later, and I find myself the dad to three boys, one of whom is a 12yo who has discovered paintball!

I took him and his friends to go play at a local indoor field (he loved it, but I was upset at the lack of control and rules), and he got hooked!

So I was browsing CL and found a lot of three guns for sale.... a MiniMag with "over $1,000 in upgrades!" and two old Tippmann Pro-Lites. I talked to the guy selling the gear and he said that guns had been sitting in a rubbermaid bin for the better part of a decade. It was only $175 for the package (maybe over priced, but I had seen Mag's for that alone) so I took a leap and paid for it.

They came in the mail the other day and OMG!!!! They were FILTHY!!!!! Using Info I found On-Line, I tore into the Mag and cleaned everything with rubbing alcohol (as I was advised to do by the owner of the local Warped Sportz) and then lightly oiled everything.

I know that I'm missing Barrel O-Rings and the Detent Nubbin..... I'll order those ASAP.

I air'd up the gun and it cycled just fine after the cleaning.

So here is the gun!

The bolt is an ANS aftermarket... Is this equivalent to a lvl7?

Now I found this on the floor.... It's definitely a machined piece... I'm guessing It dropped out of the gun during disassembly and I missed it. Any suggestions?

It has an expansion chamber that is not hooked up. The gun has a remote with a fiberglass HPA tank (needs to be hydro'd). I'm guessing that's why it's not hooked up.

The Grip is a Carbon Fiber model... Light as all heck!

If I've missed anything, forgotten something or done something stupid, PLEASE SPEAK UP!!!! This is my first EVER MAG and I don't want to mess it up!

TIA Ya'll!