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Thread: Aluminum AGD single trigger frame questions.

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    Aluminum AGD single trigger frame questions.

    I recently picked up a mag from one of the refs at my local field. Just your run of the mill mag. Two things caught my eye, the lazering looks new and it has metal AGD single trigger frame. I know it's not a holy grail find, I actually just sold another in a lot recently. Anyways, have these ever been successfully anno'd? And what is it worth? Thanks

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    I don't think you can anno these because they're cast metal. At least I've never seen one done. All I've seen are powdercoated and most peeling. $15-20 +/- if they're complete and in good condtion. They were also used on early cockers and Sterlings.AGD replaced them with CF because you could replace the grip screw bushing and the asa mount nuts in the bottom. I like em because of the rounded trigger guard.
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    there were some aluminum frames that were made that were able to be ano'd, like tha ones on all those splash just not sure if they are tha same frames tho?

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