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Thread: egomag components lot(no frame)

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    egomag components lot(no frame)

    Adapter Compatible with emag lowers(ptp 2k9)(raw) (200 or 250$ value I don't remember 1 of 1 by Dukie)
    Normal emag adapter(gun metal grey) (30$ value if I remember) SOLD
    emag battery case(gun metal grey) and hold the lpr(25$ value) SOLD
    fittings(40$ value, some plastics and some metals)
    Lpr reg tester(30$ value)
    solenoid(proper solenoids for egomag usage(with extra crimps, currently not crimped) SMC S070C-SDG-32(48$ value for noids and 20$ value on crimps)
    clippard mpa3 actuator(10$ value) already milled for use in an ego/etek frame
    lpr(25$ value)

    Price: remaining lot 300$ Shipped
    Parting possible
    Some partial trade with cash is possible: Gog enemy or that thompson c98 :P
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