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Thread: *^* September/2013 MCOTM Contest *^* - Collection Month!!

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    *^* September/2013 MCOTM Contest *^* - Collection Month!!

    ONE DIVISION MOTM Thanks to Tom Kaye and the enduring overseeing AO Mod staff for keeping this thread in order and running smoothly.

    MOTM will run a single special category this month: AGD Collection of the Month!!!

    This month, we will be voting on pics of collections formed by 3 to 4 Mags only. In order to be eligible, these are the special rules we will have this month:
    - 3 or 4 different Mags
    - All Mags in pic must be from different types. That means a mech, a pump, a pneu and an electro.
    - when I say "Electro", I mean anything that runs on batteries. Be it an eMag, X-Mag, SFL, VER, e-Pneu, Devil Mag, Hyper frame'd Mag, SpyderMag, EgoMag, ShmegoMag , whatever. For pneu, I think it's a mech-pneu frame, be it a custom one or a G-Force frame. For Mech, I mean anything that's not Electro nor Pneu (as explained before) and for Pump, well, it has to be a pump Mag, be it whatever pump kit you want (factory, Cerberus, XM-15, Rainman's etc).
    - All Mags in pic must be still on contestant's ownership so if you sold a Mag, you can't include it. I expect to see new pics on the entries.
    - Pictured Mags can't be for sale during September/2013, be it here or on other forums, eBay, Craigslist or wherever.

    Round 09'13 ! !

    Entries up until 09/30/13 11:59 PM EST

    "MAG" of the month contest...that means MAGS of any kind.

    I want to see some kick butt Mags ! ! !

    I will do it every month there seems to be continued interest , voting towards the end of each month, new contest on the first-ish of each month.

    Near the end of the month I reserve the right to narrow it down to a Final 3 (or how ever many I think are worthy) and open a public voting poll to pick the winner for each division. Entries are valid until I close this thread.


    1) Must be your Mag and NOT for sale during the month of the contest.

    2) I don't care how great or sucky your pictures are, it's a gun contest not a photogenic prize. Please NO watermarks.

    3) 2 pictures MAX , NO GIANT WALLPAPER sized a link if you need to or link to any larger pics.

    **This is the code to resize and thumbnail your pictures. Copy and paste and add the link where it says to.**

    PHP Code:
    <a href="Picture URL Here"><img src="Picture URL Here" width="1024" height="768"></img></a
    If you can't figure out how to host your pics, I will get them hosted for you.

    FYI, It is to YOUR ADVANTAGE to simply post 1024 x 768 or so sized pictures, they will look far better than the code resized pictures. - New size rule for updated picture resolution

    4) No previous contest winner entries unless it has changed drastically , give others a shot please. - See exception for this month's poll above

    6) No text posts ...PM all questions to who ever you want to ask what ever you want to ask. Text posts will be removed.

    I will be judging on what I think is cool or worthy ...

    Just a note, I'd really like to see full functioning markers, those will get priority over the same parts just stacked up for a picture.
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    - Only 1 (ONE) of the pictured Mags can be a previous MOTM winner. I'm doing it in order to maintain balance and allow new Mags to be more competitive.

    That rule eliminates alot of people like myself. Most of my mags have been MOTM winners on their own over the years.
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    I keep forgetting to not feed my mags after midnight so they seem to multiply regularly.

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    Guess I'll go first:

    Top left clockwise:
    1. Pump Entry: XM15 pump with CF Minimag body. Capped Classic valve with BL Torpedo reg. Chromed 32deg frame and Hogue style grips. XM15 pump kit has been modded to accept a RT Pro VASA. Rail was pump and ULE milled and foregrip slotted by LUKE. TL Freak barrel.

    2. Mech Entry: Carbon Fiber ULE body, X valve w/ULT. Trigger is RPG and milled for stops. AKA feedneck.

    3. Electro Entry: MM2K9 body, XValve w/ULT, VER frame, Lukes foregrip, BL Gear Drive ASA, AKA feedneck, RPG foregrip, CCM fittings, DW Caron Fibur barrel. And yes I can reach proper FPS!

    4. Pneu Entry: Dallara Body, Xvalve, Check it Detents, AKA feedneck, Luke Foregrip, CCM fittings, Sleeper modded BL gear drive and M90 Pneus w/magnet mod setup by Loguzzzz, Acid Customs trigger with stops, Mike780 first gen panels, Freak back and AA front.

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    OK, guys, I hear you. It's the 19th and we still only have one entry so I will remove the rule about only 1 previous MOTM winner in the group pic, even though I believe it will not be as it should but the most important part here is to have people participating with cool entries. Now lets see some nice collections!

    OPBN, my friend, please feel free to edit yours as you want, ok?

    Oh, and lets please not have other text posts in this thread. That rule still applies.

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    1. Top Right - Karta Mag that is pure mech. Looks black in pics which is what I was going for out of direct light, but is actually a metallic purple flake that was powder coated.
    2. Middle - Red and silver Shockwave is a 9 volt electro Z grip built by Loguzzzzz and is one of a kind.
    3. Left Side - Phoenix Stormwalk that has the custom cut windows on top exposing the valve all the way to the bolt and extra milling to the frame. Done in color shifting metal flake that is also powder coat. This is my Pnuemag entry.
    4. Bottom Right - Splash Classic as I have no pump no enter. Full splash as well as T.K. signed body.

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    1. Black/green/silver splash pump mag. It has an auto response frame in case I ever want to convert it. Matching splash 20oz co2 tank is in storage somewhere in my basement

    2. Logic EP mag. This one has eyes, tuna valve, Sanchez barrel kit.

    3. Smart mag. Complete splash kit, with magic box. Double trigger was never installed, but I do have it in storage.

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    Top Left:
    Classic R/T - this has an XMT aluminum body with killa detents and ccm no pro feedneck, polished die cast agd single trigger with wood grips.

    Top Right:
    Tequila sunrise Emag - This has an Emaxx valve, Fireblade, custom dyed Emag selector switch, pull pin, and grips. everything else is stock.

    Bottom Left:
    Mini Mag Pump - XMT Aluminum Minimag body that is pump milled plus drilled and tapped for the phantom feed. Original non blem pump kit, Lukes 86* frame

    Bottom Right:
    Pneumatic Z-Grip - This has a nice nickle ule body, Luke CFL milled zgrip with pneumatics installed inside, Luke milled R/T rail, Xvalve, endo cradle, this is my primary marker.

    ***Sorry for the poor pictures, ive been looking for my nikon's battery charger and cant find it anywhere.***

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     photo 8a176599-db88-4fe2-ac90-fcc99e43245f_zps46a5c29e.jpg

     photo ea3d4eaa-8af8-42be-965a-e5c08f5fd6f3_zpsdcf1a47f.jpg

    you know all these parts
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    My turn:

    From top to bottom:

    - Pump Mag: AGD SS center-fed body, SP Splash kit, Rainman229's pump kit, Freak barrel with a custom 1:1 splash Freak front, Classic valve
    - Pneu Mag: DW Dallara body and rail, RPG vertical frame with a sleeper pneu kit, DW CF barrel, DW CF front grip, X valve
    - Electro: DW Chord body (1 of 7 AM/MM lenght), DW Dallara rail, RPG feedneck, WWA Veritas barrel, VER frame, X valve
    - Mech: CF ULE body, RPG Mini-Shadow rail, AKA feedneck, DW CF barrel, DW CF front grip, AGD CF frame, eMaxx valve

    None of those ever won a MOTM contest before so I'm sticking to my rule.
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