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Thread: Contest: Best AGD related article posted on AO for the month of October

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    Contest: Best AGD related article posted on AO for the month of October

    AO: I think we are due for a contest here on I was thinking we need to add more articles into the "AO Archive" area. I can't write all the articles myself, so i'm reaching out to AO for help. I would like to run a contest and i'm willing to donate a NIB Chrome Intelliframe for the winner.

    Contest: Best AGD related article posted on AO from October 1st thru 31st.

    • Post anywhere on with information about AGD. (History, Tech, Informative, Etc)
    • If you think your post is worthy you will post the link in this thread. (Please post your Username and link to thread)

    • A minimum of 10 entries must be submitted for the contest to take place.
    • Multiple Entries per person allowed.
    • Video Posts are welcomed.
    • Mods/Judges will pick the 5 best and let AO decide in a poll to see which post is the best.
    • Rules subjected to change if people find loopholes or something crazy

    For example, I'm thinking of posts like Frizzle Fry's Micromag ID guide.

    Have fun!

    Contest Ends October 31st!!!

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    This sounds like a great idea. I had a few articles I was thinking of writing once I finished doing my home work. Just need to dust off the old typewriter and find a new pipe to start writing.

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    Time to get off my butt and finish up the other articles I've started...

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    Hmm.... nothing so far....

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