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    This stuff needs to go. Prices include shipping only - Buyers can either gift payment or add 4% to price to cover PayPal fees.

    06 ETEK with STAR FRAME:
    WYSIWYG. Comes with miss-matched Shaft barrel kit and extra bolt. Would make a great loaner...SOLD

    PE 70/4500. I shimmed the reg on this one with parts from another PE reg and it was outputting 1200psi. $75

    PE 70/4500 with guerrilla reg set up for high pressure. Includes low pressure spring. tank is out of hydro (05/08)$45

    Al Freak Kit with WWA back and 14 inch AA front. Cocker threaded. SOLD

    CP Barrel Kit with 2 sets of backs and 14 and 16 inch fronts and a soft-sided case. Cocker threaded. Bore sizes: Red: .682, .685, .689, .696 Clear: .685, .689, .693. $65 SOLD

    Furious Lotus Barrel Kit. Cocker threaded, BNIB, just took it out for pic. $60

    ANS Barrel Kit. Cocker threaded. Extra tip pictured not included. $60
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