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Thread: ANS keeps screwing me over!

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    ANS keeps screwing me over!

    I will never order anything from ANS ever again. I live 80 miles from them so how much time do you think it should take to ship somthing out and get it to me? 3 days till ship out and they found somehow the cheapest slowest 11day post office to post office shipping.

    ANS employees are not educated in paintball and they dont care.

    If there is a back order there policy is to continue the order and not inform the buyer. Money money money

    They are by far the most expensive.

    ANS is JUNK!

    They have a snooty stuck up attitude and the just dont care and the managers are bad too.

    Im sure there are a few people out there that didnt have a problem.Please nobody get offended.

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    Dont buy from them
    "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." Thomas Jefferson

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    What's with double posts? I only order from them when its closeout. That's it. Not real impressed with the company. Sorry for your issues.

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    If you do buy from them then use PayPal. They sent me the wrong stuff and then wanted to charge me a 30% restock fee for their screw up saying it's their policy. Well turns out PayPal's policies trump theirs. Got a full refund.

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    I have and nothing but issues from them as well.

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    Lets list alternative websites to buy paintball gear..

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