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Thread: Problems with replying to threads?

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    Problems with replying to threads?

    Anyone else having some glitches when replying to threads today? I assume this is due to the failed backup. When I reply, even a quick reply, I get a message somewhat along the lines of a double-post, with some code in the background stating an error. Originally I had to manually go back to the original thread (where I would see my reply having been posted). Now, this afternoon, it's the same kind of thing only the error screen redirects back to the thread on its own after thanking me for my post.

    Odd behavior since I've been spoiled by the quick reply feature being used inline with no screen refresh or redirect.

    I would be surprised if the forum Admins weren't on this already, but I thought I'd point it out just in case it's an isolated incident to my account.

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    Yeah, I've noticed some glitches.

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