ok so i have had nextel (perfect I may add) I wanted a smart phone so i HAD to go to the dark side sprint to keep my employee discount. after years i had had enough so 2 days ago i went to att and feel better. we were like 200ish after uncle sam for 2 phones not we have 3 and one of them are not contract.

My issue

I had a samsung galxey, it sucked so much it was unreal. I felt like i had to baby site it and never seemed to have room though i tried many things sd card, task killer removing apps and other stuff. i understand there are many feelings about task killers and whatever but if the lady at the store said i needed one i used it.... moving on. all i really do is watch funny videos on YT and FB, massive amount of pics and some videos. I had tried to put music on it but it tied up my phone so i got a zune(mp3 player). I have to say I really cant base my pirorer useage on my old phone and service because it sucked so bad, i had a phone booster from sprint and it still sucked in my area. I do satellite installs and travel all over my area and need a phone that will work and others and a co worker said ATT in this area.

with that being said i swore to not use samsung or sprint again but later was brought to my attition that it was most likely sprint but i really dont want to risk it b4 i got my epic i wanted a HTC but was talked into the epic. this time i got a HTC and so far I like it, like anything it is different and i have to learn it but welcome the change i have wanted for so long.


I soon find out i have no sd card spot to me is WTF almost but I have cloud which i have the concept but havent tried it. IDK what internal i had on my epic but i had a 16g sd card and my internal memory was always low. and probably the biggest thing... internal battery. batterys go bad all the time.... hell a battery pull all the time but i work all year long and the includes the freezing rear end cold. My co worker has a I phone and swears by it and no issues with a internal battery which for me is new

im worried once outside of my 10 days i will b stuck with something that i wont like or wont fill my needs. currently i have 150 contacts including all the gmail crap that shows up in my list( I WANT JUST NUMBERS!!!! lol) and nearly 250 pics but im not sure about putting my stuff on the cloud stuff and have it all out there.