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Thread: android or what

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    android or what

    ok so i have had nextel (perfect I may add) I wanted a smart phone so i HAD to go to the dark side sprint to keep my employee discount. after years i had had enough so 2 days ago i went to att and feel better. we were like 200ish after uncle sam for 2 phones not we have 3 and one of them are not contract.

    My issue

    I had a samsung galxey, it sucked so much it was unreal. I felt like i had to baby site it and never seemed to have room though i tried many things sd card, task killer removing apps and other stuff. i understand there are many feelings about task killers and whatever but if the lady at the store said i needed one i used it.... moving on. all i really do is watch funny videos on YT and FB, massive amount of pics and some videos. I had tried to put music on it but it tied up my phone so i got a zune(mp3 player). I have to say I really cant base my pirorer useage on my old phone and service because it sucked so bad, i had a phone booster from sprint and it still sucked in my area. I do satellite installs and travel all over my area and need a phone that will work and others and a co worker said ATT in this area.

    with that being said i swore to not use samsung or sprint again but later was brought to my attition that it was most likely sprint but i really dont want to risk it b4 i got my epic i wanted a HTC but was talked into the epic. this time i got a HTC and so far I like it, like anything it is different and i have to learn it but welcome the change i have wanted for so long.


    I soon find out i have no sd card spot to me is WTF almost but I have cloud which i have the concept but havent tried it. IDK what internal i had on my epic but i had a 16g sd card and my internal memory was always low. and probably the biggest thing... internal battery. batterys go bad all the time.... hell a battery pull all the time but i work all year long and the includes the freezing rear end cold. My co worker has a I phone and swears by it and no issues with a internal battery which for me is new

    im worried once outside of my 10 days i will b stuck with something that i wont like or wont fill my needs. currently i have 150 contacts including all the gmail crap that shows up in my list( I WANT JUST NUMBERS!!!! lol) and nearly 250 pics but im not sure about putting my stuff on the cloud stuff and have it all out there.

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    Can't go wrong with a Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2 or Note 3. None are ANYTHING like the original POS Galaxy! I have the Note 2 and get 2 days of moderate use on a charge. I've had it since it came out and have had ZERO issues. My previous phone was a S3 and only had a few times that it locked up.

    The base task manager on these works great.

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    Get a Galaxy S 4.
    Best phone on the market right now.

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    I beg to differ on that one. I'd look at the HTC One. All reviews I've seen comparing it to the S4 have the One coming out on top. Many people said that the 4 was really not a huge update from the 3 except for a slightly bigger screen.

    Gizmodo, AndroidCentral and others will bear me out on this. Keep the options open.

    I currently work for Sprint, and my upgrade is due in 2 weeks - the HTC One is my choice at this point.

    PS: You could also look at the Moto X. Has some neat features to boot.

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    I had the HTC One S right after it came out over a year ago.
    The GS4 is the best phone right now.
    Better screen, better specs, removable battery, and THEE most important thing imho a mini SD card slot.
    I was a huge fan of HTC until they went Iphone on me.

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