Got my deadlywinds 14in. Fibur Barrel with inserts and case FS today.


Le rules:
1) deal with paypal only
2) I never ship first and have pbn/mcarterbrown feedback to back me up if necessary
3) im an easy going guy, dont make things complicated
4) my stuff leaves my hands working unless otherwise specified.
5) I go to a military college so packing/shipping the item being sold will take place on the weekend. Non-negotiable.


Trades- NONE

Condition- 9/10. Has a little wear but still looks awesome. no tip wear of course.

What you get-
inserts (.695, .691, .689, .687, .684, .682, .679)
empire barrel case (inserts fit perfectly in this thing)

This has been my go to barrel for the longest time, but since I got out of the pump scene, this doesnt see much use anymore. so time to let it go. Now, it either sells as a set, or stays with me. THAT MEANS NO PARTING!