is there a way to mesh the shell of like a karta body (the contours and flow) &
the inner dimensions of the ULE body or the CAD file of a ULE body, into one part?

im working on getting ahold of a 3D scanner, and was wondering how to fuse these two?
im asking this because the scanner wont be able to get the inner dimensions.

I know im leaving out a lot of details, shoot the questions at me,

let get this figured out.

what I have:
-cad of ule body.
-(will have someday) scans of the outside of other bodies.
-cad skills to fuse cad files.
-conversion ability to make any file almost any other file.
-some knowledge of photo shop. (no expert but very good understanding)
-access to solid modeling software, *proE, AutoCAD, photoshop, and many others at my institution of learning.

thought I would ask the community since I have trouble in my box, would like help thinking outside.

please if you have no knowledge in this field please refrain from clogging this thread.