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Thread: RT classic banjo orings

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    RT classic banjo orings

    Hey does anyone have a source for classic RT banjo orings? I need some brand new ones and I was wondering what the good source was for them. Any info as far a size would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks!!!

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    did you try the AGD website? most of the o-rings in the repair kit can be purchased individually.

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    They are size 009, 90 durometer urethane. Don't use softer orings; they can squeeze out.

    When you are working on a troublesome marker, it's nice to have a bunch of spares. There are a few internet places to get them, but I can't remember where mine came from. Maybe McMaster.

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    Most local hydraulic shops/outlets have this oring. If there are none in your area, try the "Oring Store" online. They are about $0.04 each.
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