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Thread: safety and trigger pin fomr Classic frame on Intelliframe?

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    safety and trigger pin fomr Classic frame on Intelliframe?

    this has most likely been posted somehwere here several times already. However, since I couldn't find anything about it, here goes:

    can anyone tell me if I can use my trigger pin and safety (including the corresponding spring, ball + screw for the saftey) from my old-scholl Classic frame and put them in an "empty" intelliframe which has none of these items in it? (btw: I don't have the intelliframe yet, so I can't just find this out by simply trying it )

    any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Everything is the same except for the spring. The springs in the metal frames are longer. You can stretch the spring from your old frame in a pinch.
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    the flint spring from a bic lighter is the same size as a safety spring. and it's about an inch and a half long. plenty of spring to make mistakes with.
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