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Thread: To the AO family

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    To the AO family

    I just wanted to give thanks to everyone here on AO. this is a very strong community, and has been supportive of me (and others i'm sure) during a tough time in my life.

    I don't come from a perfect home, in fact ,sadly, I come from the new "average american home"

    my parents divorced when i was young and my mother used me to wage a war to take everything, my "dad" conceeded to keep me and my half-brothers together. Shortly after my mother "won" we lost everything and moved around from apartment to apartment. the friendship support was never so strong as when i joined the service.

    I had a new family, people to watch my back, guys i defended and they defended me...

    when i was injured, it all changed, work load had to be redivided and the mentors i looked to for support looked down on me and said you're not worthy.

    the reason i am telling you this is not to make you feel sorry for me but to make you (AOer's) to feel good. As a community AO completely supports it's users. complete strangers offered to help me pay for a toy that would likely never be used. I can not say enough about the support i've recieved here, thank you AO

    I would like to dedicate this thread to giving thanks, so call them out, tell people how good they really are!

    BTAutoMag: thank you for your support, and now friendship. thank you for helping me when I needed it most. You will be a hero in the eyes of your children, my Dad is, and I see the similarity
    OPBN: thank you for the support and motivation, for the offer to help with my build
    Need4Reebs: thank you for being there, someone to talk to, thank you for sharing with me your passion
    Blackdeath1k: thank you for the concern and offer to help
    KnowNothingMags: thank you for the support, and for buying most of everything posted in the FS thread (the money kept my wife happy)
    Flatliner333: thank you for the insiration and the kind words, thank you for the help with my project
    Tbaggin: thank you for the support
    Laku: thank you for the kindness and support
    Mercenario: Thank you for the support
    Freedy500: thank you for the support, and i hope you make it back to paintball
    Xmagterror: thank you for making a dream come true

    and to all the other support, there is just to many to list...

    again let this be a thank you thread

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    Don't thank me yet. I expect you to work your ass off at legends with your tank

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    No problem, anytime. Ha and my wife says I waste to much time with my silly paintball stuff. Honestly since I've been married and turned in my "man card" hanging out here and on BEO is about the only time I can shoot the breeze with my thank you...and thank you AO.

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    Thank you for sharing with us

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    Wow man. Thanks. But I don't remember doing anything. Sounds like your growing up was on par with my wife's though. Sorry to hear that. Stay strong man. When something is really needed speak up. We all help when we can. With what we can.

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