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    opinions wanted

    i've been out of this game for close to 15 years and am playing catchup and want recomendatios on a couple of items. i know i'll get almost as many different answers as there are members but here goes.

    1--whats the best brand of hpa bottle/regulator and how well do they work on a remote setup? which is the lightest when filled?

    2--whats the best hopper for under $100.00 new. i'm partial to revy's but....

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    For your mag, I would recommend a Ninja tank. I would suggest the Ninja Pro or Ninja SHP. It'll be a carbon fiber tank, so weight won't be an issue. All you have to do is pick the tank size that you think will fit your needs best. It's also good to mention that Ninja has excellent customer service, should any problems arise.

    As for loaders... A revy is old school, and we're beyond that. There's a slew of choices for under $100.
    Dye Rotors can be had for around a hundred, or Halos... I've always used my rotor, and haven't had any issues. It also keeps up with the insane rate of fire on my mag.

    My SHP Ninja tank + Rotor =

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    ^^^ I giggle every time I see this video. Notice you heard people shooting before and then dead silence after he rips the mag

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    Rotors are nice, but I rarely see them for sub $100. You can get a V35 Halo for $35-50 and it will keep up easily. An SHP reg'd tank is going to be your best bet in regards to weight. I'm not partial to any particular brand of tank as IMO they're all the same. Just make sure if you buy used that it is capable of passing rehydro.

    Edit: I misread, thought you were asking about an SHP reg. Honestly, any HP reg will work as long as its putting out 850+psi. I have to admit, I think the Crossfire regs tend to have really good, consistent output.
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    Tank = Ninja
    Hopper = Pinokio (sub $100 new on ANS right now)
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    remote tank can be any tank. you are only moving the position of the tank, and tanks don't really care. i am partial to the older Corssfire tanks, myself. dead on accurate and you couldn't be happier with the output, but they are getting hard to find, harder to fix and those that want to live in the higher PSI ranges. most people will say Ninja, but i personally are not happy with them. depending on what your needs are you can find the 3rd generation of Air America or whatever you are happy with.

    as for loaders. Halos still work well, but are a PITA to clean if you broke a ball in there. i love my Spire and love that in 4 seconds drop out all the pieces and clean it. i don't know what's on the secondary market. you might get a rotor for that much, a spire is going to be higher, or you can sup up a Halo and still have cash left over. the choice is yours.

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