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Thread: i need to make my original agd .45 grip frame into an intelli frame for my Warp Feed

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    i need to make my original agd .45 grip frame into an intelli frame for my Warp Feed

    I heard there were plans out there where you could go to RadioShack and buy parts to make the original airgun designs .45 grrip frames into a Intelli frame so that I can send a signal to my warp feed.

    I love my original AGD .45 grip frame with Smartparts wood grips. And I dont want anything else...

    I know there are other frames I can do this with and I would like to know what they are but I refuse to use anything but the original frame on my trusty mag simply because I like it more than anything else.


    my goal is to find an Intelli solution for the original .45 grip frames for a WARP FEED.

    A Raideoshack list and pictures and instructions please. Im sure everyone will appreciate it.

    Thank you all

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    Here's where you'll find your radioshack shopping list for the intelliframe set up.

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    Has anyone seen the intelli frame done with the stock agd .45 plastic grip frame?

    It has much less room than the frames in the tutorial. ...

    I'm going to Radio Shack tomorrow Id like to see if there is anything else I may need to try to figure it out on my 45 grip frame..

    Thank you.

    Also that link audioSLAVE posted has a tun of good information

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    The stock grip frame isn't 45. But if you can do a little fan work it should fit.

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    SP did make grips that fit a standard 45 frame(the 4 hole grips). they are rarer or rather people hold onto them more, but you can still find them.

    but one solution is to get the intelliframe, but use a sandwich plate to make the grips you have now, with the intelliframe. basically, it would go grips, to plate to frame. one hole to the plate, then 2 hole from the plate to the frame. you can keep your grips and get the intelifeed that you want.

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