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    Emag tuning question

    I have a Emag with Xmod 1.8 board, Emag valve with level 10 and am using a XMT body. If I use it in mech mode it shoots fine. When I put it in e-mode it shoots fine in semi, release, and hyper modes. However is I switch to any of the other modes, burst, PSP, NXL, Mil, it will shoot 1 ball then the bolt will not reset on its own. I have to push the bolt back manually then can take I shot again before the bolt sticks. I can hear the noid click while the bolt is stuck forward.

    Any suggestions on what to look at first. It is oiled and as I said shoots with no problems in mech or e-mode semi.

    If I wanted to put my X-valve in the gun do I have to swap on/offs?

    The battery is fully charged
    Tank had about 2000psi and is outputting 850psi
    ACE is off
    Dwell is 15
    ROF is set at 25, not sure if lowering it could help
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