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Thread: Wayne's World Presents Grand Finale:Mech Wars Dec 6,7,8 2013

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    Wayne's World Presents Grand Finale:Mech Wars Dec 6,7,8 2013

    "This is the Inner Sphere - thousands of planets colonized by humankind.
    Once it was united under the Star League, but for the last three hundred years,
    it has been consumed by savage wars. Until a new enemy appeared -
    mysterious invaders known as "The Clans of the Cosmos."

    The Inner Sphere, the central region of settled interstellar space,
    contains all worlds within 500 light-years of Terra, the homeworld of mankind
    (no longer called Earth, although this name is sometimes used still)
    and the former capital of the Star League.

    Star League-era BattleMech technology was preserved during the
    “period of decline” by the powerful military “Clans”.
    Absent from the Inner Sphere for centuries, they returned in 3049
    fielding 'Mechs of considerable sophistication and power.

    The Mech Wars takes place in the year 3050 as the Inner Sphere
    is suddenly invaded. One of the many planets that falls to the Clan’s onslaught
    is a small, unimportant world in the Federated Commonwealth called
    Terra Nova.

    Powerful and ruthless, the Clans struck like lightning, attacking every sector at
    once! But they made one big mistake - they attacked our home planet!
    Now, ancient enemies have reunited! And

    Register by the November 16 deadline to be eligible to win

    When: Saturday and Sunday, December 7 and 8
    Where: Wayne's World of Paintball, Ocala, Florida
    Cost: $45 Early Pre-Registration
    Includes: Arm Patch, I. D. Tag, Prizes & Awards at Game's End
    Premium Paintballs $65, Marballizer $70
    Co2 $10, All-Event HPA $20
    Time: Noon Saturday until 2 pm Sunday.
    Registration Friday 5-8 pm and 8am Saturday

    Register Online

    Register by Mail

    Game Rules


    For more information contact: Jackie Dollack at 352-401-1801
    or e-mail us at
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