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Thread: Bunny's Inception Design Kryptonite Sniper *Finished*

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    Cool Bunny's Inception Design Kryptonite Sniper *Finished*

    AO: I just got in a new Kryptonite Sniper from After 1 year and 7 months with the whole Aurora plating fiasco this was the end result. After talking with Simon Stevens at LL7 about my Xmag collection and seeing how passionate he is about his latest paintball venture I realized that I needed to put together a build and represent his brand. I find it fulfilling to get behind a company that pushes the boundaries and really cares about what they do. While I was at Living Legends I also got to talk to Colin @ Deadlywind about his newest Xmag design and the Stella Whip Tip that Deadlywind and Inception Designs were releasing at LL. I also got an opportunity to talk to and play along side Bud Orr, a Living Legend and an ambassador of the sport. On the Sunday at Living Legends both Bud and myself decided to stage at the Paintball Museum and we shared tons of stories together. I thought it was awesome that he really liked the Spacemag that I brought

    Instead of having this gun represent the end result of 1 year and 7 months of BS. I'm looking at it in another way. This gun is built by a group of people that I can honestly say that I am proud to show off.

    Inception Kryptonite Sniper:

    Tons of Goodies:

    The gun came with an 18in barrel that looked pretty ridiculous so I decided to add a Stella Barrel System instead. I decided to put together a "starter" kit and get the Insert back with a Front. I personally did not like the current tip designs and opted to buy the barrel front from Boss Paintball Products with the threads removed.

    Boss Paintball Products Stella Front with no threads:

    Inception Sniper Driver Side:

    I also purchased a 15in Stella Whip Tip from Deadlywind. I was very happy with the finished product. I love the way the design works with the barrel back.

    Stella 15in Whip Tip:

    Finished Results:

    I'm glad I can represent Simon, Colin, and Bud with this gun. I can't wait to get it on the field.
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    Looks great!

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    Very nice. Im just glad to see that you didn't spend another $3k on anno or plating or anything like that This one is very similar to mine... I just need a Stella... I showed Simon a pic of it and he said "WRONG BARREL Motherf*cker!!"

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    I personally like the stella front better, but either way, that's an awesome marker.

    I kind of decided the same thing a while back:
    I can shoot just about any marker, but I'd rather show off people I'm proud of.

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    is the front on that barrel tip raw?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ElPanda View Post
    is the front on that barrel tip raw?
    It looks like he has removed the threaded tip, so yes it's raw. I know Jeremy at boss paintball was doing that.

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