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Thread: Angel A4 Fly

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    Angel A4 Fly

    For Sale:
    Angel A4 fly
    came to me as part of a package deal many years ago, never used by me

    Comes with charger and barrel shown.

    board turns on, battery condition unknown, turns on but don't know how long it will hold a charge for

    Know issues: leak from lpr (i think the previous owner hooked it to a hp tank and blew a seal), gripframe is loose and i don't have the metric wrench to tighten it, eyes light up but i don't know if they are working correctly

    unless i am mistaken this marker needs a tank with output pressures around 400psi

    I can take more pictures if needed and answer questions to the best of my ability but i never used this marker

    Asking $150 but because i don't know about market values any reasonable offers will be considered
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