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Thread: A good assortment of markers for sale

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    A good assortment of markers for sale

    Near mint Blue WGP STO Autococker. Kapp LPR, Black ergo reg, matching trigger shoe on a nice slider frame. Shoots with no leaks and is timed. Comes as shown.

    Price - $180

    Dangerous Power Threshold. This is 1 of 500 made. It has lazer eyes, a cp regulator, and an upgraded board too.

    Price - $350

    Dangerous Power G4. Near mint condition, and shoots perfectly.

    Price - $200

    Etek 3 AM. This gun RIPS. It is in very good condition and shoots ropes.

    Price - $300

    Dangerous Power E1 - $140

    Rare 1 of 10 gold Darq Marq

    PRice - $400

    Palmer's Stroker PAckage. Includes VL Revvy and 20 oz CO2 (can include 48/3k compressed air in place of Co2). It has 2 small leaks by one of the fittings and by the microline, but no internal leaks. It is not cycling consistently so it will need timing and a tuneup. It has battle grips, muzzle break, sight rail.

    Price - $300

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    Dangerous Power Fusion FX. In near perfect condition. It shoots ropes with no problems. Includes what is pictured.

    price - $325

    WGP Black magic E-cocker. 1.06 board. CP rail and on/off. Bob Long torpedo reg with steel braid line. Eclipse Ram and QEV's.

    Price - $275

    Proto PM8 Limited Edition Mimosa

    Price - $325

    Dark Intimidator. It has a 2k5 Frame, Critical trigger, Critical rail with CP on/off, CP regulator, new style BL grips, and all high flow barbs and internals.

    Price - $265

    Bob Long Texas Storm tri-fade Intimidator (with original goodies!)
    -near mint gun
    -works perfectly
    -CP direct moun on/off
    -Original box
    -most stickers

    Price - $250

    Tippmann 98 Custom - $40

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    Trades at all?

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    I'll consider trades plus cash. That, or really rare or old stuff.

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