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Thread: One of a kind CCM autococker pump. Lots of cool stuff!

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    One of a kind CCM autococker pump. Lots of cool stuff!

    Bear with me as I've been out of the game for 3-4 years and have forgotten who made what and all that jazz. If you see a part you recognize- message me so I can add it in the description! I built this gun at the height of my paintballing "career" Bought all the best parts I thought of to build my ultimate pump weapon. This thing has been through tons of matches and mowed ALOT of face.

    From what I remember- Works autococker body- aftermarket internals. CCM pump kit and trigger assembly with hitman mod. Comfortable wrap around rubber grips. Delrin bolt. Low rise clamping feed neck. I think it was a J&J or Dye barrel. Non on/off ASA. Forgot the regulator brand. I believe its a low pressure gun. Was all disassembled and sent to a local firearms powdercoater to work his magic. This is a multistage DIGI Camo powdercoat finish! ITS TOUGH! Bore and Barrel still in a mirror finish. Fires great. I do not plan to return to paintballing anytime soon and I'd rather see it go to someone who'd going to use it rather have it vegetate in a gun stand.
    $400 shipped. Email me please. and understand I try to answer emails as fast as possible, but have alot going on!
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