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Thread: 2k Autococker F/S!!!

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    2k Autococker F/S!!!

    I have a clean, basically stock WGP 2k right feed. It is in good shape, matte black anno still in tact, no nicks or dents.

    Here are the specs:
    Stock internals
    Stock front block and pneumatics
    Stock aluminum bolt with push-lock bolt pin
    WGP slide trigger frame (with black trigger shoe, NOT the silver shoe in the photos!)
    Stock HPR
    Dye 14" chrome barrel
    Kapp drop-forward and On/Off ASA with gauge

    Marker works and has good timing, just gas-n-go!

    ASKING $125 pp'd/shipped!!!

    Shipping to Continental US only. I will ship FedEx or UPS at buyers request and expense but PM me before you buy so we can be clear on additional shipping cost. Otherwise I will ship USPS.

    This marker is complete, so I won't part it out.


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    Still available???

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    Not as a complete unit. After it didn't sell I had the body anodize stripped in preparation for a milling/retrofit experiment.

    Pieces are still available (the barrel is not) if you are looking for parts.

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