if I get a gun and I have the ability to gas it up I do and test shoot it. if not I'll do a complete inspection of orings before I even assume it will hold air and I go through the trouble of gassing it.

so I gas up this classic RT and there's a slight leak down the barrel, nothing unusual as all the mags I'm working on have just been laying around for a long time. The trigger feels weird so I look at the trigger pin and its pressed right up against the back of the trigger. nothing unusual again as some people just dont know.

then I pull the trigger...

and the mag starts running away on me and wont stop until I cut the air.

write down the problems and file it under "deal with it later"

well later ended up being last night. I pulled the valve and checked the bolt. lvl 10, back bumper is shot and the carrier feels too tight. typical. then I cut my finger, say a swear and look at the back of the valve and find this:

then look down the body and see this:

well since I know I need to get to the sear I unbolt the grip frame and pull the sear out... yea...

call the guy up and basically said "who ever took this gun apart before you got it, find and beat the crap out of him."

now I need to replace the bent pin and sear but the pin will be the fun part...