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Thread: Z-grip questions

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    Question Z-grip questions


    It seems like I'm going to need another rail is I intend to use my foregrip. In that case, I need to find a RTP rail, correct? Are any other modifications needed after I purchase a rail?


    What did you guys do to overcome this issue?

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    you shouldn't. the Z grip came out before the the RT Pro. what are the problems you are having mounting it up?

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    Okay, thanks on the rail question.

    I was worried about the screw cutting into the frame when tightening the screw. I just tightened it up, so it's fine now.

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    you will have to use a foregrip extender, you will need to mod the extender, have one custom made or mod the frame(really really hope you don't do this).

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    Quote Originally Posted by djinnform View Post
    I did glance over Luke's extenders... I'd rather have the mag have a more factory look, and go with a longer rail if I decide to keep my zgrip.

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