so I'm in talks with the horde commanders about how to communicate on the field and we are working on a system.

Basicly the horde command will have a command channel open that will include the legion commanders and a few choice team leaders. Theyve already thrown talk my way about the sheer number of people we are going to have there and how to coordinate it. Idealy they want 2-3 of us linked into the command channel and then those 2-3 people to have a seperate walkie for team communication to keep command channel clutter down.

this has yet to be said but I'm assuming they want us to provide our own walkies

So I do plan on investing in 2 radios that have the ability to be incrypted as the command channel will be incrypted. if we choose to not incypt our team channel then I'll just loan the other radio to someone else for the game and borrow someones spare for the team channel.

thoughts and disscussion