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Thread: Misc Items - Cocker body, pneu mag parts, barrel kit drops, halo, tubing, etc.

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    Misc Items - Cocker body, pneu mag parts, barrel kit drops, halo, tubing, etc.

    It has been quite some time since I have been active but I need to sell some clutter and fund other hobbies.
    Things to note before purchasing:
    - Prices include shipping
    - Halo Hopper condition unknown. Has a v35 board, ps2 button mod, needs new arm with three beads on it, has a motor from a r/c racecar, micro deans connector for battery pack.
    - inline reg is a stock Ion regulator
    - drops with on/offs do not have plugs
    - long braided hose is 7 1/4 in, short braided hose is 6 in, the hardline is from a Automag RT and has a 6 in overall length.

    Price Breakdown:
    Lot - $50
    Gallon Bag of Reballs 110pc - $10 - Great condition, still smooth and soft, some paint staining
    Narrow bag of Reballs - 125pc - 5$ - Fair condition. Would not run these through a barrel you care about.
    Hardline - $5
    Braided line - $5 ea
    Halo - $35 - condition unknown
    Stock Halo board - $5
    Drops - $5 ea
    Black WGP LPR - $5
    Lvl 7 Bolt and Parts - $5
    Velocity Adjuster - $5
    Detent - $5 - Has a metal ball bearing

    Detailed pics can be found here

    Any other questions please ask. I am more than happy to take more picture and answer questions

    Overall by sloprest89, on Flickr

    Overall by sloprest89, on Flickr
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