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Thread: Automag part, bodies, valves, level 10, barrels, Warpfeed

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    Automag part, bodies, valves, level 10, barrels, Warpfeed

    I'm starting to find Automag parts in almost every room of my house so that means it is time to do some cleanup.

    Prices do not include shipping. Please post and PM so I can have a record of the time for first come first serve purposes.

    SOLD, Black ULE body, $80 with stock feedneck, $100 with CCM feedneck
    SOLD, 4 star Minimag valve, $25, unknown condition
    SOLD, X-valve, $175, no spare parts, shows some wear, additional pictures below.

    SOLD, PTP Trashcan Emag battery with Lukes ASA manifold, $60, perfect for sleeper pneumag
    SOLD, AGD Logo backbottle, $15
    RTP sear and axel with no arm, $20, good for pneumag
    SOLD, Misc Mag spare parts and ANS bolt, $10, $5 if you buy something else
    SOLD, Level 10 kit, $50

    Metal frame no trigger, $15, has ASA holes threaded on bottom
    SOLD, CF frame no trigger/safety w/PMI grips, $15
    SOLD, CF frame w/safety and trigger AGD grips, $20
    SOLD, Intelliframe, $60 without Luke's Intelliswitch, $65 with
    SOLD, Clear warpfeed w/Luke's Warp Forward bracket and 12v mod, $50

    SOLD, RTP rail, $30
    AM/MM rail w/twistlock pin, $20
    SOLD, Luke's Zayan milled Emag rail, $75
    SOLD, RTP sear with pin, $25 with either rail purchase

    Minimag body, $25
    AM body, $25
    Minimag body with Rainman springfeed, $100

    Dye UL back, $30
    Bad shape AA barrel, $5, free if you buy something else and want it
    Armson barrel, $20
    Dye Boomstick, $20, glued barrel
    AA barrel, $20, glued barrel

    Not really looking for trades at this time.
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