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Thread: minimag blowing air out front!!! D;

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    minimag blowing air out front!!! D;

    Ok, can someone please tell me why my minimag is blowing air out the front/barrel, please?

    It was leaking out the reg (bad reg piston o-ring). I replaced the o-ring and dry fired it twice and then it started blowing air out the front of it like crazy.

    and the worst thing about it is when I pull the trigger and hold it, it stops! then when I let the trigger go, it just goes back to gushing air out the front

    smh.... any thoughts on how I can fix this? This is my first AGD.

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    within the powertube(where the brass tip is, which the bolt slides on & over), there is an oring. replace that and leak will stop.

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    Replacing the powertube oring usually fixes this problem. If it doesn't, the powertube spacer may be too long. Install a shorter spacer to get a tighter seal against the back of the bolt stem.
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