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Size:  37.7 KBI've got a lot of gear for sale. I'm very open and reasonable with my pricing, I realize Tippmanns are a dime a dozen! The lot contains:
1 - Tippmann 98C (regulator and double trig)
1 - shell for a 98C painted green
1 - Tippmann 98C E-Bolt kit (it worked for awhile, but doesn't anymore)
1 - 12V Revolution Loader (it does work)
1 - 48/3k compressed air tank (out of hydro and the gauge is cracked, comes with cover)
1 - Smart Parts AA 12" barrel (threaded for a 98C)
2 - Entry level masks
2 - CO2 tanks, 9 and 20oz
2 - Pod Holders with pods (one has belt)
1 - XL Camo jersey
3 - extra barrels (stock, 2 randoms)
1 - Drop forward
2 - Barrel Condoms
1 - Pair of JT gloves, hardly worn
3,000 practice balls.
Lots of extra pieces and parts for 98C's, thread locker, gun oil, lense cleaner, barrel squeegees, O-Rings.

This lot would be great for an extra gun for a child or buddy. The E-Bolt kit needs a little work but has worked in the past. You might need to take it to an electrician/hobbyist to have them look at it. It would be a good winter project. I'm not looking for much from this lot because I haven't used it in years. Just throw a number at me, I won't be offended - seriously.