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    Clear ano question

    If I were to get a raw polished body anodized without any color, would it still have a nice polished look to it or would it dull a bit? I've seen some spectacularly glossy colors, but I don't think I've seen a nice shiny clear ano job before. I'd like to keep my aluminum minimag and RT Classic bodies with the nice polished look, but the maintenance is a bear. Anyone have any gloss clear pics?

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    You would still be able to have the polish. The ano guy likely will mirror polish it up before ano.

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    It does get a little dull. It is definitely not a mirror finish. I can try to get some pictures tomorrow to show mine. Perhaps getting a clear powder coat would be better but I don't know.

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    best option for you would be to ask Caustic Customs....he would know for sure.

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    What about just using something like Sharkhide?

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    You can get a really nice shiny anodize finish, but it has to be done by a professional with the proper tools. It requires an acid dip immediately prior to the anno bath. The required acid dip is very dangerous because it gives off toxic vapors. Immediately following the bath, the part needs to be cleaned and then anodized quickly to prevent normal surface oxidizing that naturally occurs on aluminum. In order to perform these processes, the anodizer needs very controlled work areas and heavy duty equipment, which eliminates most back yard anodizers from the equation.
    Except for the Automag in front, its usually the man behind the equipment that counts.

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