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Thread: Wts agd tacone longbow w tankand mount 6 mags full freak

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    Wts agd tacone longbow w tankand mount 6 mags full freak

    the rules lol gl long post

    1st before u think of bothering me unless its airsoft and worth something im not interested in trades looking for cash I prob will only play stockclass now if I don't sell that and be done altogether with paintball ( no one to play with around here anymore)

    2nd I have sold 4 longbows same setup but without the extras and the special one of stuff for 650 ( this is my baby aka primary)

    3rd i have a butt ton of feedback here(older) and im well known for multiple pumpmags I made and longbows i have sold off please dont try to lowball me on this stuff they don't make it anymore and all my stuff is legit I will take pictures a bit later and post up im beat atm LOL.

    4 I ship priority ups insured on my dime conus

    5 not interested in parting this out package its a closing out of paintball and moving onto other things like my family

    tacone rail and body of course
    single trigger benchmark frame with smartparts wood grip ( it got a lil scratched up but is still good)
    air lvl7 valve stock automag (classic valve)
    specops stock and shroud
    6 yea 6 feedsticks 5 camo 1 black(spare)
    18 in freak with 9 inserts the full kit with the extra size stainless
    13/3000 tank (shoots at least the 5 mags I carry and a bit more that's over a 100 shots on one fill)
    bikegrip and adapter
    super low duckbill if u decide to not love the hardmounted tank u can convert back
    custom one of harness specops digicam I have made up before they sold blackcell- molly back harness for 4 mags told them to sell them and he did how cool right
    all extra parts I have a lil box of stuff basically ill add a few goodies that hopefully the purchaser will enjoy
    custom one of tank holder side mount with on/off hardmount in the tank to the right side of the marker for the 13/3000

    2 things of note its camo painted and I will assemble before ship and repaint if desired in tan green and brown for u it will be disassembled for shipping be silly not to
    and I seem to have lost my sear go figure but the pin is in the rail
    priced out I total about 1200 which is stupid amount and id never ask that high its silly id like 800 shipped and insured
    paypal accepted will ship when deposit clears
    money order /check accepted but I will not ship until it clears the bank

    lets see whats out there id love someone who knows what this is to use it its sucha favorite gun of mine
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