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    Cool Got us a vending spot

    ok I spoke with CPX about getting a 10x10 venders tent and he asked why. So I told him "So Tom can bring his shoeboxes and so Tom, John and Bud can display all the paintball history I will get them to bring. I can also get with some of our members and bring out a bunch of NEW automag products to sell. Also put us next to Simon, he'll be ok with with it, I promise you, I can maybe line up an automag tech but I can't guarantee it will be free, in fact it probably wont. Hell, just put Simon in the same spot as us and make it a 10x20."

    So anyways... we have a 10x30 vender space reserved for us

    youre welcome!

    I've already talked to the power quartet and Simon is on board, Bud and John will be bringing as much history as they can carry. Havn't heard from Tom as of yet but I'm handing him a table to sell his shoeboxes on so I don't think he'll complain too much.

    now it's up to the members.

    XMT, Luke... youre involved. no choices in the matter. You can either show up and sell some stuff and meet all of us or mail it to me and I'll put it in the booth and advertise your businesses to death. If you decide to send your stuff for us to sell for you we will keep it supervised during the event and under lock and key during all other times.

    Teching. I said there MAY be a tech there. I did not mention there was already one attending the event as I'm not sure how much BigEvil wants to tech over playing so his teching services are a secret. Someone get ahold of Tuna and get his input on this. He has a booth spot available and can charge for his services, or do free labor with parts

    Bunny, you have a pallet of history... I need to speak with you about that, lol

    anything anyone can add?

    Who's bringing stuff for display/sell:
    -Bunny's prototype collection
    -Bud Orr's dusty attic
    -John Gregory's mystory tour
    -Xmagterror merchandice
    -Simon's bag of Inception epicness
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