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    they will not allow this, unless it fires a nerf rocket

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    listing says it will.

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    You can use them if you put the rocket infront of the grenade. You will have to clear it with Viper before the event for sure though.

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    This gives me a idea

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    That's a RAP4 Thunder grenade.I can tell you from experience they don't work
    A Nerf barely fits you really have to ram it in there.
    The grenade is precharged with CO2 from a special bottle adapter shown in pics or red\green gas.It's really difficult to get a high enough pressure charge.If you've seen a Goblin shell it's basically the same thing
    They make several different shells including a shotshell that uses airsoft bbs.The one pictured loads 4 paintballs or backs up the Nerf rocket.They pretty popular with the airsoft crowd for shooting bbs
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