So I bought a Micromag off a guy here on AO and before I sent the money he informed me that it had been spray painted black. I was a little frustrated cause I thought I was buying an annoed black Micromag. Well after some negotiations I was able to get a better price for an already great gun. Once I got it I found that the anno under the spray paint was original blue/purple splash just like the barrel and benchmark trigger frame the seller included. Well $10 later I have the body in a pool of spray paint stripper letting is soak overnight. After some washing and cleaning my hopes melted away like the spray paint. The previous owner had used sandpaper or something to try and "scratch" away the anno. My only thought was that he was trying to make it more "scenario" by trying to rid the body of it's cool "speedball" anodizing paint job. Who knows and regardless I have myself a sad little micromag in much need of a new paint job. Unfortunately I really don't have the money to fully restore the body back to her glorious factory anno, but I do plan to get her taken care of one way or another.

Here she sits as is:

I am sure this thread will fade away, but once I have her all cleaned up I'll update the pictures.