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    nice automag lot

    I have some mag stuff I am wanting to sell as one lot. its some decent stuff for sure.

    reason for sale, I broke my hand so im out for a while, could use the cash for med bills

    prices are shipped n PP/

    the karta set as of now is not avail

    Black Ule body with new CP feedneck -gone
    red ule body with low pro i think- 135
    XMT classic for xvalves- raw- 175
    black RT rail with grip- 50
    red Dallara rail- 1gone
    red short bike grip-Gone
    Pump milled am/mm rail- 25
    2x rainman kits- 130 ea
    gloss blk intelli frame- 70
    dust blk benchy single frame- gone
    AGD cf frame- 25
    blk Pneumag Chimera built by loguzzzz- gone
    3x black valves- 225 ea
    Blue valve- gone
    prophey z2 hopper- 80
    2 eggies- 30 ea
    2 or 3 other RF and power feed bodies (2 pump milled)- 25 ea
    twist lock barrels (dye boom and dye UL backs) 75 for all

    everything here I fig 2400-2500 reg

    as a lot discount 2000 shipped

    if my pricing is off, shoot me an offer.

    ill try and get pics up later
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